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The Creation Of An Objection

Before attempting to handle any type of objection, it is important to begin by looking at the beliefs that sales people are holding in their minds. If they are focusing on what objections they believe they will encounter, they will unconsciously transmit these thoughts to their prospects.

Every moment, human beings perceive things on many different levels based on millions of bits of information being absorbed into the unconscious mind. Our conscious mind is not able to process all of this information and tends to select small chunks at a time.

At the most basic level there is neurological perception, the way we perceive sensory-based things. This level of perception is based upon the functioning of our end-receptors (i.e. our eyes, ears, skin, nose, tongue and mouth, inner ear, etc.). If there is damage in the end-receptor, our ability to pick up information from the energy manifestations in the world will be affected, sometimes completely cut off so that we perceive nothing, or in limited ways, or in very distorted ways.

At another level, an individual’s experiences and consequently their beliefs will influence and colour their perceptions. Ultimately, the only thing that can be ‘real’ for an individual is the ‘reality’ that they hold inside their mind. Have you ever experienced buying a new car and suddenly noticing how many cars of the same type as yours are driving around? This is because your car has been a recent, conscious focus for you so you see similarities with this new focus.

Objections start with a thought. You have to think about an objection to manifest and experience the objection. For years, Quantum physicists have been working to prove the entire Universe stemmed from a simple thought, and this is referred to as "The Law of Creation".

When an individual holds a particular thought for any length of time, they are focusing their attention on this thought. This attention will attract evidence of the thought into their lives that consequently serves to validate and strengthen their initial thought. According to Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Quantum Physicist, “The mind is actually shaping the very thing that is being perceived.

This concept has enormous implications for sales people who have a tendency to encounter the same type of objections repeatedly, because ultimately at some level they are not comfortable about a certain aspect of your company’s product or service. This means that their perceptions are being projected onto their prospects.

That’s why any development in the area of objection handling should start with the sales people themselves, so that they have the right ‘thoughts’ and beliefs that can serve them better during their daily interactions with prospects and customers.

Another crucial factor to bear in mind when learning how to handle objections is to accept 100% responsibility for the objections you receive. Every action you take creates a reaction that is based on the formula of cause and effect. Everything that happens is the effect of an underlying cause. Most sales people spend their lives operating at effect….”It’s not my fault I always end up competing against (biggest competitor.)” “Life’s so unfair; I always get the worst territory.” “How can I compete with our high prices?

True personal power can be achieved when an individual accepts 100% responsibility for what they create in their lives. This means, accepting at some level they have ‘created’ the objections in the first place and if they accept this, it pre-supposes they also have the power to remove objections before they even occur. To put it another way they get one of two things; the result or outcome they want or the reasons why they did not (you may recognise these as ‘excuses’!)

The more you focus on the reasons why you encounter objections and blame circumstances beyond your control, the more you push away your personal power to create more of the results you want.

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