22 Şubat 2008 Cuma

The Ultimate in Qualifying

In Selling 101 we learned about Open and Closed End Questions. Although Open Questions are better than Closed, there is a better and more effective way to gather information and they are called Instructional Statements.

You see if we need to find out 5 to 10 things during Qualifying, a series of questions can end up sounding like a FBI interrogation with one right Question right after another. After all, Questions have a tendency to pry, prod, and probe and can be very irritating.

Instead, the Super Stars use Instructional Statements. They are actually direct Orders however they come across as much more conversational and much less confrontational. Start using;
"Tell me about . . ." or
"Bring me up to date on . . ." or
"Share with me how . . ."

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn to both you and your Prospect will start to enjoy the Qualifying process a whole lot more, plus you’ll start gathering more and better information in order to be able to fill their needs.

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