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Trial Closes are not Traumatic & The old but true Feel, Felt, Found

Trial Closes are not Traumatic
Although "Closing the Sale" should be nothing more than a logical conclusion to an effective Presentation, some Salespeople make the mistake of trying to use too many "Closes". Unfortunately most Closing techniques ask for a decision which is a challenge for the majority of Prospects and/or Customers since most of them would rather procrastinate.

A great way to start Closing more Sales with a lot less pressure is to use Trial Closes. The true definition of a Trial Close is that is only asks for an opinion instead of a decision. Examples might be;
"How does this sound so far?" or
"Is this the type of opportunity you've been looking for?" or
"Based on everything we've discussed, how does this feel?".

If your Prospect or Customer gives you a weak answer they are indicating that they need more information or might still have one or more questions or concerns. On the other hand if they give you a strong response, you've just completed the Sale.

The old but true Feel, Felt, Found
One of the all time classic selling skills is the "Feel, Felt, Found Formula". It's earned the title of a classic because it works more than it doesn’t work.

You can show people you have empathy for their situation by using the word "Feel". Then you demonstrate that you or others have been in the same situation by using the word "Felt". Finally, you offer them the solution by using the word "Found". The next time you hear an Objection try saying;
"I can certainly understand how you feel because I felt the very same way until I found that . . .".

Although no skill or technique works 100% of the time, this one should definitely be in your arsenal.

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